Promotional Sections

Promotional Sections

Show images in galleries, single photos with text or slideshows on your homepage.


Show a newsletter sign up form on the homepage.


Heading (optional) – edit the heading text

Subheading (optional) – edit the subheading text 

Tour and events

Show tour dates or other events on the homepage. You can pull event data from Songkick, Bands in Town, Eventbrite, or add events manually.


Heading – edit the heading for this section

Enable max number of events – when checked, limit the events shown to the number set below

Max number of events – if Enable max number of events is checked, limits the events shown to the number set here

External Source

Choose an external event data source: Songkick, Bands in Town, or Eventbrite.


You can also add events manually. If you don’t want to use an external source, skip to that section.


With Songkick, you need your Songkick Artist ID. The artist ID can be found in the url of your artist’s upcoming shows on Songkick. For example, Radiohead’s song kick page is, therefore their artist ID is 253846-radiohead (bolded region).

Bands in Town

Just enter your Bands In Town name (e.g., Radiohead) for it to work.


You’ll need to get authorise Label Theme to access your Eventbrite account, then paste in your Access Token into the text field. Either follow the link provided or you can  Grab your Access Token from here.

Manual Events

Add manual events. If any manual events are present, no external events (e.g., from Songkick, Bands in Town or Eventbrite) will be shown.


  • Day – set the event’s day
  • Month – set the event’s month
  • Location (optional) – edit the event’s location
  • Venue (optional) – edit the event’s venue
  • Ticket URL – add a URL for the event; you can edit the text in Edit Languages
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