Product pages


  • Show dynamic checkout button – show dynamic checkout button so customers can check out quicker; for more information check out the Shopify documentation
  • Show quantity – show a quantity control
  • Show share links – show social media sharing links below the product description
  • Show tags – show product tags below the product description
  • Show related products – show related products 
  • Product image size – desktop – choose the product image’s size (only applies to desktop-size devices) and the page’s layout will adapt accordingly; the options are “Medium” and “Large”
  • Make first paragraph larger – increase the font size of the first paragraph of the description
Related Articles

Editorial can show blog posts from articles that share tags with your product. You can select up to 5 blogs as sources.

  • Enable related articles – display related articles
  • Select blog (× 5) – choose at least 1 and up to 5 blogs as sources
  • Crop thumbnails – choose whether to crop the blog articles’ featured images in the Related Articles section; options are “No Crop,” “Landscape,“ “Square,” and “Portrait”

Supporting pages

Add links to supporting pages below the product description.


  • Link label – edit the link’s text
  • URL – choose a page or another URL to link to