Theme Feature: Collection templates

Two Collection Templates

Editorial supplies additional customisations for the collection templates. The collection templates determine how the collection pages are viewed. The theme provides additional options for customising how each of these templates appear for a given collection.

Before customising you should ensure that the collection is using the preferred template. This is configured in the collection settings page, not the theme customisation area. To configure this, from the Shopify dashboard go to Products > Collections and look for the "Theme templates" option on the lower right side of the page. Once the template setting is saved, you can jump across to the theme customisation area for the collection and customise the various options listed in this section.

Tags in the Blog Post Editor
Selecting a Collection template

Now return to the Shopify dashboard and navigate to  Online Store > Customize. From here select the collection pages option from the dropdown in the top left corner.

Tags in the Blog Post Editor
Navigating to the Collection pages template

You can learn more about each template in the articles below.

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