Recommended Image Sizes

Our themes do not specify recommended image sizes but here are some guidelines you can follow for best results. 

Upload high-resolution images

Our themes (and, in fact, all themes on the Shopify Theme Store) will automatically create appropriately sized images on the fly to optimize image quality and loading speed so feel free to upload the highest resolution images you have. Aim for a width of at least 2000 pixels.

Consider the aspect ratio

Landscape images are wider than they are tall, portrait images are taller than they are wide and square images are as tall as they are wide. Landscape images work best in situations where there is ample horizontal space, for example, in full-width sections on desktop-size devices. Portrait images work best in situations where there is restricted horizontal space, for example, in half-width sections or on mobile. Landscape images shrink more when viewed on mobile as mobile devices tend to be held in an upright orientation.

Here’s an in-depth look at aspect ratios from Shopify.

Use consistent aspect ratios to line things up

There are some spots in the store where you may want images to line up – a grid-style collection template, for example. (One exception here may be Cascade, whose default collection template uses a unique layout which allows you to use different aspect ratios for different products; Cascade also provides a more conventional grid-style template.)

If you want all the product grid items to line up, make sure are all the products’ featured images are all exactly the same aspect ratio (e.g., all portrait, all square or all landscape).