Changelog – Editorial

Editorial 3.1.0

May 15, 2019


  • Added option to use the mobile menu configuration on desktop


  • Smoother sticky product form on product pages
  • Social icons in the header can now be hidden
  • Overflowing menu items in the header no longer flash on screen before being hidden
  • Several Product blocks can now be added to the Store homepage section


  • The Shopify theme Preview Bar is no longer hidden
  • Cart Item quantity controls now work when the Cart type is set to Page
  • Very long words no longer stretch outside screen bounds on smaller devices
  • Social sharing options can now be turned on and off individually
  • Slideshow padding no longer collapses when section background colour is different from page background colour
  • Datejs no longer conflicts with the global Date object (could cause issues with third-party apps)
  • Blog article date and author no longer doubled on mobile screen sizes
  • Unordered and ordered lists no longer missing bullet points or numbers in Pages and Blog posts
  • The “All” tags link on collections can now be translated and links back to the right place