Label Theme Overview


Getting Started

To get your theme up and running, select a preset and hook up any third party feeds you want attached.

Choosing a Preset

Label theme comes with 3 presets which will automatically apply a selection consisting of layout options, typography and colors. Here are the preset styles at a glance (click through to see the demo stores):




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In this section you can upload a custom logo. If you are using a banner image, you may want to upload an alternate logo to be used. (e.g. a white version of a logo). You can also set the max logo width.


You can choose from two layout options for the header. “Logo to the left” will place the logo/title in the top left, with the navigation after. “Mobile navigation on desktop” will keep the logo in the middle, with a menu icon on the left that opens the drawer.

You can also adjust the bottom border height. The bottom border is shown on all non home page pages, and the home page if no banner or feature image is in use.

Collection list

Select collections to be displayed on the home page. The “collection image” is used. Recommended size is at least 600px.

When only one collection is used, its image is displayed as full width, so a larger image may be appropriate (900px). This is also the case for an odd number of collections with the first collection being full width, otherwise the collections are arranged in two equal columns.

To upload a “collection image”, go to the collection in your Shopify admin. On the right hand side, upload a “collection image”.

Choose a specific collection to show a selection of products from.

You can have a full screen image to be featured on the homepage. You can also set overlay text, and a call to action button.

If you don’t want the image to be the full height of the screen, you can set a custom height.

Choose one of your products to be featured on the home page. You can also override the default description (e.g. a much shorter description).

You can also set a section title and subheader text. E.g. “Latest release” and “November 2015”.

You can change the behaviour to either include an add to cart link, or have it link to the product page. If you are linking to the product page, you can set the text in the textfield below.


You will need your Instagram Access Token. You can get one from   here. Once you have it, paste it into the “Instagram Access Token” textfield.

Select a page which the homepage will pull content from to be displayed. E.g. information about your brand / story etc.

Tour and Events

Use this to showcase upcoming events on your home page. Choose from either Songkick, Bands In Town or Eventbrite in the choose source drop down, then enter the additional information below accordingly:


With Songkick, you need your Songkick Artist ID. The artist ID can be found in the url of your artist’s upcoming shows on Songkick. For example, Radiohead’s song kick page is, therefore their artist ID is 253846-radiohead (bolded region).

Bands in Town

Just enter your Bands In Town name for it to work.


You’ll need to get authorise Label Theme to access your Eventbrite account, then paste in your Access Token into the textfield. Either follow the link provided or you can  Grab your Access Token from here.

Remember to include the full URL, including http.

You can choose for social icons to appear in the two locations: the header and the footer / drawer.

Featured video

Use embed code from a video and paste it into the textarea.

Enable the newsletter field. You will need the full URL of your Mailchimp Form Action URL. See  Shopify’s guide here on how to find it.

You can also disable the “theme credit” from appearing in the footer. Although we would love it if you didn’t, we totally understand :)

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Custom Styling

If you want to change specific thematic colors or typography, there are a collection of options available to create your custom look.


Set the color options for the theme.


General colours include text (main text), secondary, links and accents, background color, titles and subheader (e.g. price).


Set the header text and bottom border color. If you are using a banner image, you can override the header text color in the “Home page - banner” section.


Label theme comes with two button options to mix and match. The buttons can either be full colour, or border only. They can also be square or rounded.

Featured Product

If using featured product on the home page, you can set a background color.

Featured Images / Collections

You can set the text color for text overlayed onto feature images and collections. You can also override the button color to be black or white.


Here you can choose a font combination that will be used throughout the theme. Then you can adjust additional settings for Headings, Header navigation, Titles, Section titles and Secondary type.

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How do I use a video for the main/hero image?

We are currently writing a guide for achieving this, check back here later.

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The follow extensions are designed to work with the label theme to add additional functionallity to your store:

Artists Page

Create a page which displays only collections for artists. Read the guide  here.

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