Updating themes

Updating themes

Themes update automatically, unless the theme code has been edited. 

If your theme code has been edited, you will need to install the updated version of the theme manually by going to the theme’s page on the Theme Store and installing the latest version. If you’re signed in to Shopify, the theme’s page will display an Add latest theme version button and you can click it to add the updated version to your store for free. The update will install as a new, unpublished copy of the theme that won’t affect your live store.

Didn’t edit the code?

If you don’t recall making any changes to the code but your theme doesn’t update automatically it could be that the code was edited by a support advisor or expert you asked to make changes or by an app installation.

Transferring sections and settings

When you manually install an update from the Theme Store, the updated theme installs as a new, unpublished copy in your store’s themes. This copy will be in a blank state, without any of your homepage sections, settings or code edits. Here’s how you can quickly copy your homepage sections and most of your theme settings into this new copy.

A few caveats

Please note that this will not move over your code edits, including app installations. You’d have to move those over manually if you made those edits yourself or, if the edits were made by a third-party developer or theme customization service, reach out to them for assistance. If the edits were part of an app installation, repeat the installation steps after completing this guide.

If your copy of the theme is much older than the current version, it’s possible that the settings have changed and this process will fail. If this is the case, it may be best to start from scratch and re-configure the new version of the theme to match your old one.

With that out of the way, here’s how you can copy sections and settings from the old theme to the new theme.

First, create a backup of the new theme by duplicating it. You will have a backup in case something goes wrong in the process.

Then, open your old theme in the theme code editor. Find the theme you want to copy from in your Shopify admin under Online Store > Themes and click the “Actions” button next to it. Select “Edit code” from the menu that appears.

In the file sidebar, find the file called “settings_data.json”. You may need to open the “Config” folder to see it. Copy everything in the file, making sure to select everything, including the opening and closing braces. Make sure you’re working with the file “settings _data.json”. Do not copy the file "settings_schema.json”.

Back in the themes section of the admin, find the updated theme. Open it in the theme code editor, and find the same file, “settings_data.json”. Select everything in the file and paste over it, making sure to replace the entire contents of the file.

The new theme should now have the same settings and homepage sections as your old theme.

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