Artists page

Artists page

You can add an Artists page to your store to showcase your artists.

Compatibility notice

This guide requires Label 2.4.1 or later.


The Artists page consists of two independent sections: the Top section and the Main section. The content of the Shopify page can be edited in the Pages area of the Shopify admin, and the top and main sections’ content can be edited in the Theme Editor by navigating to the artists page. The page’s content can be shown or hidden using the Top section’s settings.

Create the supporting files

First we must add some files to the theme code. To do this, open the theme code editor and create the following files:

Templates / page.artists.liquid
Sections / page--artists--main.liquid
Sections / page--artists--header.liquid

Copy and paste the contents of the files below into the files you’ve just created:


Create a new page and change its template to the Artists page template

In the Pages section of the Shopify admin, create a new page and assign the template page.artists to it.

Template selection

The copy of Label you’re editing must be the published theme for this template to be available in the template selector. If it isn’t, create a template called page.artists in your live theme so this option is available.

Edit the Artists page in the Theme Editor

Open the page you created in the previous step in the Theme Editor and add artist blocks.

Artist blocks

The content of the top and main sections of the Artists page is made up of artist blocks. There are two types of artist blocks: collection-based and custom. If you already have collections set up for each artist, collection-based artist blocks will take the artist’s name, image and description from the corresponding information in the collection. You can override any or all of these as needed. Custom artist blocks will let you provide custom images, titles and descriptions for each block. Collection-based blocks always link to the collection. Custom blocks let you specify a link.

Section settings

Explore the settings of the top and main sections to see what layouts are possible. Each section allows custom cropping of the images to line things up in a clean grid. The main section allows three-per-row, two-per-row, or alternating left / right layouts.

The top section can have one or two artist blocks. The main section does not have a block limit.

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