Collection pages



See Marquee, plus:

  • Position – place the marquee above the collection section, under the title, or after the first row of products

Tag Group

  • Title – the title to show for the tag group
  • Tag List (one per line) – tags to show links to; tags are case sensitive and must match products exactly


  • Hide title – hide the collection’s title


  • Show collection image
  • Indent image – offset the collection image with margins on all sides
  • Crop image – automatically crop the image to Landscape, Square, or Portrait aspect ratios
  • Image size on desktop – set the relative size of the image (on desktop)


  • Description position – place the collection description relative to the rest of the section: under the title, after the first row of products, or at the bottom of the page
  • Description color scheme – set the color scheme for the description only – only applies when it’s positioned after the first row of products or at the bottom of the page (learn more about Color schemes)


  • Products per row – how many products to show per row (on desktop)
  • Rows – overall number of rows (on desktop)
  • Products per row – mobile – how many products to show per row (on mobile – 1 or 2)

Sort and Filtering

  • Filter mode – choose a mode for filtering: off, all tags, or Tag Groups (to use Tag Groups, add blocks as described in the “Content” section above)
  • Enable tag combinations – allow combining tags (instead of replacing one tag with another); please note that on Shopify, this results in only products matching all tags being shown, which may not be what you expect
  • Show sort dropdown – allow sorting the collection
  • Collection menu – show a navigation menu; won’t show dropdown items


  • Color scheme – choose a color scheme (learn more about Color schemes)
  • Use this color scheme for header and footer – set the header and footer to the same color scheme on all collection pages
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