Theme Settings

Theme Settings

Theme settings are where you can customize colors, typography, social media, cart and more.


  • Grid: border color - set the border color of the grid used throughout the theme. For more information on the Baseline grid, view our Baseline grid guide.

Use the color picker to set the colors across your theme. The theme colors are organized into Color Schemes. For a guide on how color schemes work, view our color schemes guide.


  • Color - set the color of the button. If transparent background with text color border is selected, dynamic checkout buttons will have a text color background.
  • Style - set the button style to be square, slightly rounded or rounded


To learn more about the theme text sizes see our text sizes guide.

  • Base font size - sets the base font size for all typography size settings.


  • Font picker - select the heading font
  • Uppercase - set headings to be in uppercase
  • Underline - style headings with an underline.
  • Letterspacing - set the letterspacing.

Heading sizes

  • Base size - used for section titles and main section headings.
  • Template size - used for product, collection, article and page templates
  • Secondary size - used for blog post grid, text columns with images and other secondary headings

Body text

  • Font picker - select the body font
  • Line height - set the line height for the body font
  • Uppercase - set the body text to be uppercase

Section titles

  • Font - select the heading or body font
  • Text align - set the section title to be aligned left or center


  • Uppercase - set the header to be in uppercase

Product grid

  • Uppercase - set the product grid to be in uppercase


  • Uppercase - set the button text to be upprecase
  • Show arrow - show an arrow on buttons


  • Uppercase - set the button text to be upprecase
  • Show arrow - show an arrow on buttons
  • Show underline - show an underline on links. This will default to the grid border width. If grid border width is set to 0, it will be 1px if enabled.


See our Baseline grid guide.


Product grid tiles

These theme settings apply to all products shown within a collection, e.g. on the home page, the collection page or on the product page under related products.

  • Show vendor - show product vendor on products.
  • Show on sale badge - enable this option to show sale badges on the top right of product items.
  • Grid image size - by default this is set to natural. You can change this to Square, Landscape or Portrait so product grid images are resized to fit.
  • Product title and price display - set the title and price to display underneath image, over image or over image on hover
  • Title and price text alignment - set the text alignment for title and price
  • Show second image on hover - show the second image of your product on mouse rollover.

Product page

These theme settings apply to the product page and featured product section.

  • Show vendor - show product vendor on products.
  • Show dynamic checkout button - Each customer will see their preferred payment method from those available on your store, such as PayPal or Apple Pay. Learn more.
  • Options style - Baseline comes with many display styles for product options. Choose between text with underline, radio, button and drop down.
  • Hide option labels - hide the labels for product options
  • Show quantity option - show the quantity selector

Pickup availability

Enable store pickup availability. Learn more.

Social media

Sharing options
Enable sharing on platforms for products and articles.

Add your social media accounts here - the icons will show up in the theme where social media links are enabled.

For both sharing options and social media accounts you can select if they display as text (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) or as icons. 


Customize how customers check out on your store.

  • Cart Type - by default the cart loads via ajax into the cart drawer. If you would like to disable this use the 'page' setting instead.
  • Enable additional checkout buttons - The buttons can appear on either your cart page or your checkout page, but not both.
  • Enabled cart notes - allow customers to add a note before heading to checkout.
  • Show product vendor - show the product vendor on the cart page.


  • Image - upload an image that will be used as the Shop's favicon in the browser. Recommended image size is 32x32px.


Customize your Shop's checkout settings. This is completely outside of theme settings,  take a look at Shopify's checkout customization guide for further help.

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