Baseline grid

Baseline grid

Baseline theme is designed with a grid layout that forms the backbone of the whole theme design.

You are able to customise how this grid appears by changing the border color, border width and content spacing.

To set the color of the grid, go into your color settings:

In Theme Settings > Grid you can further customise the grid layout:

  • Content spacing - how much space is between content in sections
  • Fill images to border edge - when unchecked - images will have a slight bit of padding between its edge and the grid border. See below.
  • Border width - set the width of the grid border.

Fill images to border edge

This setting applies across the whole theme. When checked, images will fill the grid right up to the edge of the border. When unchecked, images will have padding around it and the grid border. 

Fill images to border edge checked:

Fill images to border edge unchecked:

Can I hide the grid border?

Whilst the grid can't be disabled - there are a few techniques to make the grid less visible.

- Set the grid border width to 0

- Set the grid border color to the background color of your primary color scheme

- Set the grid border color to none/transparent

Using these methods will get some interesting layouts:

Grid width set to 5px but grid border color set to none/transparent:

Grid width set to 0

Content spacing

The content spacing affects the spacing around content inside the grid. By default the Bold and Modern presets have Small spacing. The Minimal preset has medium.

No spacing:

Large spacing:

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