The header is a static section displayed on all pages of the store.



  • Logo image – show a logo image in place of the store name
  • Custom logo width – adjust the size of the logo by setting its maximum width
  • Menu – choose a menu to show in the header; this menu is only displayed on desktop. To change navigation for mobile/drawer menu, go to sidebar settings.
  • Desktop layout – choose how to lay out the logo and the menu for Desktop-size devices
  • Dropdown text align – set the text alignment for menu drop down items
  • Enable links to drop-down link headings – choose whether drop-down link headings behave like links
  • Show search – show the search button
  • Sticky header – make the header stick to the top of the screen
  • Show icons – show icons for menu, search and cart
  • Color scheme – choose a color scheme (learn more about Color schemes)

Overlay settings

The header can be overlaid over the homepage, instead of being placed above the first section.

  • Overlay header over home page – enable or disable this behaviour
  • Overlay text color – set a different text color for when the header is overlaid over the homepage
  • Overlay logo image – choose a different logo image for when the header is overlaid over the homepage
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