The footer is a static section displayed on all pages of the store.


You can add up to two menus to be shown in the footer

Footer Menu

  • Menu – choose a menu
  • Show heading – show heading for the selected menu


  • Logo image – choose a logo image to show in the footer in place of the store name
  • Logo width – adjust the size of the logo by setting its maximum width
  • Show payment icons – choose whether to show icons representing the store’s accepted payment methods (these are determined by the store’s Payment provider)
  • Text – set the text content of the announcement bar
  • Link – turn the announcement bar into a link

Language & currency selectors

Show language and currency selectors (available languages and currencies are configured in your store’s Admin)

  • Show language selector
  • Show currency selector


Add some text content to the footer

  • Heading
  • Text


Show social media links (configure accounts in Theme Settings > Social media)

  • Social heading


Show a newsletter signup field

  • Show newsletter
  • Heading
  • Subheading
  • Newsletter color scheme – choose a color scheme (learn more about Color schemes)


  • Show grid border


  • Color scheme – choose a color scheme (learn more about Color schemes)
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