• Layout – choose between a Grid layout or a “Feature” layout that alternates blog posts one per row
  • Show title – show the blog’s title
  • Show RSS – show a link to the blog’s RSS feed (will only be shown if title is shown)
  • Enable filtering by tag

Feature layout

These settings only apply when the Layout is set to Feature above.

  • Content position – set the vertical position of the blog post’s text content preview relative to the image
  • Desktop image width – set the relative size of the image on desktop by setting its width
  • Desktop image position – choose the position of the image on desktop: on the left, on the right, or alternating with each row


  • Show author
  • Show date
  • Show excerpt
  • Show tags
  • Show comments
  • Show read more link – if the link is not shown, the rest of the preview can still be clicked on to read the full blog post
  • Crop image – automatically crop the blog posts’ preview images to Landscape, Square, or Portrait aspect ratios
  • No of posts per page – limit how many posts can be shown per page (3–12)


  • Color scheme – choose a color scheme (learn more about Color schemes)
  • Use this color scheme for header and footer – set the header and footer to the same color scheme on all blog index pages
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