Theme Features

Theme Features

Related products and blog posts

Let your customers read about products in your blog or lead your blog readers to your products by linking the two together. Simply tag the related products and articles with the same tag.

To use this feature, you first need to turn it on. To turn it on, open up the theme customisation page and navigate to either a product page or a blog post. Once the feature is activated, giving products and blog posts the same tag will allow the blogs to show up on the product page and vice versa.

How it works

All that you need to do to get this feature to work is to enable it. You can do this by customising the theme and navigating to a blog post. The sidebar menu will change to reflect what sections you can customise for that page:

If you select Article pages you will see the customisations available for an article page:

By selecting the Enable related products checkbox, you will enable related products for all blog posts. You will also need to do this same process to enable blog posts to show on your product pages. First, navigate to a product page within the theme customiser, this will show the sections for customisation including Product pages:

By selecting Product pages you can turn on Enable related articles to enable this feature on all product pages:

You can also then select which blogs to source the related articles from. You don't have to turn the feature on for both articles and products, you might choose only to show related products with articles or vice versa.

Once you have the feature enabled, it is simply a matter of having the product and article have the same tag. Here is a screenshot of a product taken from the product editor in Shopify admin:

You can see the tags listed in the lower righthand corner with little crosses: #summer #outdoors #canada.

Here is a similar screenshot taken of from an article in the article editor also from Shopify admin:

You can see that this article has the #outdoors tag in common with the backpack shown above. Therefore the article may now appear on the product page and vice versa. That's all it takes.

Please note that this feature can only link products and blog posts. Collections can't be assigned tags the same way products can be so you cannot relate blog posts to collections.