Rich Text

Rich text allows you to display a paragraph of copywriting or inspiration directly on your front page. In the following options, you can choose different text colours, sizes and more.


You can enter formatted text into the text field. The displayed text will respond to italic and underlined text, but not bolded text. By default, the text in the first text field will be displayed on both device sizes (desktop and mobile) but you can also customise the text for display on the mobile version.

Text - Mobile

Allows you to display different formatting/text on mobile. 

Font Size

Allows you to choose the font size of your font.

Font Color

Allows you to edit the color of the font. Note: if you would like to change these colors, go to the Theme Settings within the Shopify Customise Editor.

Highlight Color

Changes the color of the underline in the calls to action (read below).

Call to action

Give your customers a chance to respond to your words with calls to action. You can add as many call to actions as you want but don't go overboard! The colour of the line under the call to action is determined by the highlight colour option (previous).

Link text

The text that the customer will see.

Call to action URL

The URL or search query that will be called when the customer clicks the link. This is required for the call to action to cause any action.