Blog Posts

Since  Editorial Theme provides so many blog-related features, you can expect the blog posts section to be feature packed and it is! You can choose up to five blogs to be the source of content presentable in three different ways:

  1. latest articles
  2. articles by tag
  3. articles by blog

First though, you need to set up which blogs you want to use within this section. You can choose up to 5 blogs to display posts from within every Blog Posts section. These will be used for "latest articles" and "articles by tag" blocks.

Select Blog

Use the options to select a blog, change a blog or remove the blog from your section.

Latest Articles

Use this section to display the 6 most recent posts from the blogs you chose previously.

Enable latest articles

If selected, the latest six articles from the provided blogs (up to five) will be shown with the most recent article being featured. Note that the six latest articles are chosen by date alone so if all of your six most recent posts come from a single blog, only those posts from the one blog will be shown.


You can customise the title of the block of articles, otherwise it will default to  Blog. The latest articles block will always appear first (when other article content is added).

Content Blocks

Below this section you can add content blocks that will filter through the blogs you have selected above. They will display your posts according to the type of block you choose.

Articles by tag

This block sources 4, 8 or 12 blog posts from the provided blogs above and only displays the posts that have the provided tag. By default, each  articles by tag block is titled tagged [chosen tag] but this can be customised. 

You can add as many articles by tag blocks as you like with different tags. If the latest articles option is selected (above), the articles by tag block will automatically skip blog posts which are already featured in the latest articles section.

Below is a detailed explanation of the articles by tag block:


Set the title for the block.


Choose the tag to search all your blogs for.

No. of posts to show

Use the slider to determine how many posts to show

Articles by blog

Here you can display 4, 8, or 12 blog posts from a specific blog. Similar to  articles by tag, you can add as many of these blocks as you like, and each block will automatically skip over articles that are already shown in the latest articles section if latest articles is enabled. The block is titled with the blog name by default, but this can be customised.

Below is a detailed explanation of the articles by blog block.


Set a title for the block

Select a blog

Choose a blog to display

No. of posts to show

Use the slider to determine how many posts to show.

Show link to blog

If checked, shows a button below the blog posts that leads to the blog articles page.