Image with text overlay

Shown an image overlaid with text, with an optional call to action button.


  • Image style – choose between “Window height” (based on the device) or “Content” to avoid cropping
  • Image – choose the image to use
  • Heading – (optional) set the heading
  • Text – (optional) edit the text in a rich text editor
  • Call to action URL – the URL of the call to action button; leaving this blank will remove the button
  • Call to action button text – edit the text of the Call to action button; can be left blank but that would be pointless, wouldn’t it
  • Text and button color – set a color for the text and the Call to action button; colors available are store colors from Theme Settings as well as black and white
  • Content position – choose a position for the text and Call to action button; nine locations are available, along the top, middle, and bottom, and left, centre and right (think 3 × 3 grid)