Global Settings

The global settings for the Editorial theme can be modified by going to Online Store > Customize within your Shopify admin panel.


Colours are adaptable throughout the Editorial Theme


The  Editorial Theme is based off a main palette of 5 colours.


Main colour for text and buttons

Main Accent

Main accent colour used for content, blogs and articles.

Secondary Accent

Secondary accent colour used for notice bar, newsletter and footer.

Shop Accent

Accent colour for collections and products.


This colour is used for the borders on the customer order history when they log in to view it. You probably won't need to change this colour.

Background Colours

There are two background colours used within  Editorial Theme.


This is the background for the whole webpage. This is the colour visible behind the header.

Section background

This is the background applied within each section. All the elements within each section sit atop this colour so its recommended to keep it fairly subtle. The default provided will work in nearly all cases (unless you flip to a dark colour scheme).

Footer customisation

Editorial Theme includes the footer colour customisation within the general colour settings. These are the colours you previously selected in the General Colours palette. 


This is the main colour for the footer.


This is the colour used for the divider bars between the upper and lower content.


Choosing Typefaces

Editorial Theme uses three different categories for the purposes of typography. Each category can be rendered with a different typeface. The following categories are available:


This is the typeface used for all text except body text and headings.


This is the typeface used for all heading text including the main text in a  rich text section.


This is the typeface applied for all body text.

Configuring Typefaces

There are five different kinds of text for which the font weight and the case rules can be specified:

  • headings
  • section titles
  • navigation
  • buttons
  • meta

The  font weight can be set to either regular or bold. 

The case of the text can be modified by settings the  text transform option to either uppercase (where all text will be in caps) or capitalize (where the beginning letter of each word will be in caps). Setting text transform to none will leave the text as originally typed.

Section titles also have the option of selecting which typeface to use from the aforementioned categories (Main, Headings, or Body).


This option will allow you to set the favicon (short for 'favorite icon') for your site. The favicon shows in your browser tab beside the name of the tab.

Recommended size for your favicon is 16x16 px. Also your favicon must be in .png file format.


Dates shown with blog posts can be displayed in one of two ways:  time ago or standard.


Standard displays the date in  Month Date, Year format for example:

February 10th, 2017 
March 31st, 2020

Time ago

Time ago displays the date by showing how long ago the post was uploaded from the current time, for example:

3 months ago 
1 hour ago 
2 years ago

Cart Page

These options allow you to set what information is on your cart page and how your cart page is displayed.

Enable Cart Notes

This option allows your customer to enter notes for you when they are on the cart page. 

Show Product Vendor

Allows the product vendor to be shown on the cart page below the product title.

Cart Type

The cart type option allows you to choose what kind of cart display your store will show.


The drawer option will display a popup from the right side of the screen with all items in the cart when the customer clicks the add to cart button.


The page option will take the customer to your default cart page when the customer clicks the

add to cart button.

Social Media

All social media links are all defined within the  social media tab of general settings. By putting the URL link to your account for each of the services listed, a social media icon will be created in the header and footer which will take users to the link you provide. 

A sample URL for each of the available social media services has been provided as a guide to determining the link for your particular account.

The following social media sites are currently available for use with the  Editorial theme:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Snapchat
  • Youtube
  • Vimeo


The checkout options will determine how your checkout is displayed once your customers click the checkout button.

All of the checkout options DO NOT need to be set as Shopify utilizes your options set in the previous Global Settings for the checkout (logo, typography, etc.). Everything here is optional and is not mandatory for your customers to checkout.


This option allows you to change the display of the banner on the cart page. Examples are below.

Background Image

This option allows you to set the background image for the banner. Example is above.


This option allows you to change the logo that is displayed by default for your store.

Custom Image

Upload a custom image for your checkout page.


Choose whether you want your logo to be positioned on the left, middle or right side of the page. Note that the right option puts your logo above your line items (see image below).

Logo Size

Choose whether you want your logo to display as small, medium or large.

Main Content Area

Options for your main content area of the checkout page (left - where customer inputs their information).

Background Image

Select a background image for your main content area. This image will repeat vertically and horizontally.

Background Color

As an alternative to a background image, you can select the background color of your main content area.

Form Fields

Select the background color of the form fields in your main content area. White is default and you may also select transparent.

Order Summary

Options for the order summary area of the checkout page (right - where line items are displayed)

Background Image

Select a background image for your order summary area. This image will repeat vertically and horizontally.

Background Color

As an alternative to a background image, you can select the background color of your order summary area.


You can set a different font family for your checkout page within these options.


Changes the font family in only the headings of your checkout page.


Changes the font family in only the body of your checkout page.


You can change the default colors of your checkout page with these options.


Change the color of the accents on your checkout page. This includes links, active links, border colors and check box backgrounds.


Changes the color of the buttons on your checkout page.


Changes the color of error messages on your checkout page.