The header section includes your main navigation menu, your logo and other items that your customers can use to navigate your store.


In this section you can upload a custom logo and adjust it's size.

Custom Logo

Upload your custom logo. It is recommended you use a logo that is 800x300px.

Custom Logo Width

Use the slider to determine the maximum width of your logo. Note: if image block is active, this won't apply to the homepage.


These options will help determine the overall layout of your header.

Choose Layout

You can choose from two layout options for the header:

  • Mobile navigation style on desktop
  • Logo to the left
Mobile navigation style on desktop

This adds a menu icon to the left side of the header and makes a menu pop out from the left-hand side of the page.

Logo to the left

This makes the logo appear on the left side of the page and the main menu appear beside it.


Select which menu you would like to use as the main menu for your store.

Bottom Border Height

Choose the height of the bottom border of the header

  • None - makes bottom border disappear
  • Small - makes bottom border appear at it's standard height
  • Large - makes bottom border appear bolded

Hide Border on Home Page

This option will hide the header bottom border on the homepage

Show Search Icon

This option will show or hide your search icon in the header.

Show Social Icons

This option will show or hide your social icons in the header. These icons also appear in the mobile menu. Note: you enter your social media links in the Theme Settings area.


You can choose an image to have as your background as well as a number of other options for your above-the-fold header.

Image Style

Choose what image style you want for your background image.

  • Full Screen - makes the image expand to the full height of the viewer's screen.
  • Content - Uses the natural widthxheight ratio for the image. Use this option if you want to avoid image cropping.


Choose the image you would like to use.

Text Color

Choose what color the text overlay is within your image (this option is not available if you use a custom logo).

  • Default - uses the text color you set in the Theme Settings > Color options
  • White - turns text color white
  • Black - turns text color black


Choose options specifically for the logo on your homepage that overlays the image.

Max Logo Width for Image Block

Use the slider to determine the maximum width for your logo

Alternate Logo

If you would like to use an alternate logo for your homepage, select it here. It is recommended you use an image that is 800x300px.