The header is a static section displayed on all pages of the store. Label’s header can be configured to show a full-width featured image on the homepage. The presence of this image block affects how some settings are applied on the homepage.


  • Logo – Upload a logo to use instead of the shop title
  • Custom logo width – adjust the logo’s size by setting its width
    Image Block
    If image block is active, this only affects the width of the logo on pages other than the homepage)
  • Layout – choose between “Mobile navigation style on desktop” and “Logo to the left”
    Image Block
    On the homepage, if the image block is active the logo will display in the center, on top of the image
  • Menu – select the main navigation for the header
  • Bottom border height – choose between a “Small” and “Large” border height or choose “none” to disable the border
    Image Block
    If the image block is active, the bottom border will not display on the homepage
  • Hide border on home page – hide the border on homepage
    Image Block
    Does not apply if the image block is active
  • Show search icon – show the search icon
  • Show social icons – show social icons in the header

Announcement Bar

You can show an announcement bar which is displayed at the top of the header.

  • Show announcement – check to show announcement bar 
  • Homepage only – check to only show announcement bar on the homepage
  • Text – the text to show
  • Link (optional) – link the announcement bar

Image Block

You can configure the header to show a full-width image on the homepage.

  • Image Style – choose between “Full Screen” and “Content” – which one you use will depend on the intended effect; “Content” will maintain the aspect ratio of the image, “Full Screen” will fill the screen but may result in cropping
  • Image – choose the image to use
  • Text color – choose a color to use for the text and icons in the header, only on the homepage; the options are “Default,” “Black,” and “White”


You may want to show a different version of the logo on top of the image.

  • Max logo width for image block – adjust the logo’s size by setting its width
  • Alternate logo – choose the image to use
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