Image with text overlay

Show a full-width image with a text overlay on your homepage.


  • Image Style – choose between “Full Screen” and “Content” – which one you use will depend on the intended effect; “Content” will maintain the aspect ratio of the image, “Full Screen” will fill any screen size with any image but may result in cropping
  • Image – choose the image to show
  • Heading (optional) – edit the heading for the text overlay
  • Show border – apply an underline to the heading
  • Text (optional) – edit the text in the text overlay
    Optional Text
    Leave the Heading and Text boxes empty to show the image without any text overlay.
  • Call to action URL (optional) – choose a URL to link the Call to action button to; leave empty to hide the Call to action button
  • Call to action button text – edit the text of the call to action button