Featured product

Add a product to the homepage.


  • Select product – choose a product to display
  • Heading (optional) – give the section a title
  • Subheader text (optional) – edit the text of the subheader, which appears above the product description
  • Single product description (optional) – override the product description (useful if the product description is too long for the homepage)
  • Show quantity option – show the quantity selector
  • Show vendor – show the product’s vendor
  • Behavior – choose what the section’s call to action button should do; the options are:  “Add to Cart” and “Link to Product Page”
  • Show dynamic checkout button – show Dynamic checkout buttons alongside the “Add to Cart” button; check out Shopify’s documentation for more
  • Link to product page button text – if the section’s button’s Behavior is set to “Link to Product Page,” edit the button’s text
  • Use custom background color – use a custom background color for the section
  • Background – if Use custom background color is enabled, choose the background color for the section