Video Sections

Video Sections

Show video content on your homepage.


Show a video from YouTube or Vimeo on your home page.


  • Heading (optional) – edit the section’s heading
  • Video URL – the video’s complete URL (must be from YouTube or Vimeo)

Video with text overlay section

Show YouTube video content with a text overlay


  • Video URL - the video's complete URL, must be from YouTube
  • Aspect Ratio - select your videos aspect ratio for desktop and mobile devices. There are four different aspect ratio options to choose: 

Standard: 4:3 aspect ratio for standard definition video
Wide Screen: 16:9 aspect ratio for high definition video
Extra Wide: 21:9 aspect ratio for ultra wide cinema video
Fullscreen: Fill the devices entire screen with your video
Same as Mobile: Will make the desktop video be the same aspect ratio as mobile

  • Fallback Image - add an image if the video fails to load or play

Overlay Content:

  • Heading - add heading title to be added over the video
  • Show Border - add or remove the underline under your heading title 
  • Text -  additional text under your header title, this text will only show 
  • Call to action URL - the call to action link 
  • Call to action button text - text for your call to action button

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