Theme Presets

To get your theme up and running, select a preset and hook up any third party feeds you want attached.

Preset Overview

Label theme comes with 3 presets which will automatically apply a selection consisting of layout options, typography and colors.

Here are the preset styles at a glance (click through to see the demo stores):




Choosing a Preset

To select a preset for your store, go to Online Store > Customize > Theme Settings from your Shopify admin panel. At the bottom of the list of options, you will see a button titled "Change theme style". Click this button.

You will now be presented with three options for your theme style:

  • Record
  • Publish
  • Create

Select the style that most suits your brand and store objectives.

Changing your theme's style will affect both the settings and look and feel of your store. Some settings will be lost when you change your style, but you will not lose any content from your store.