Collection Sections

Collection Sections

Show collections or show products from a collection on your homepage.

Collection list

Show collections on the home page.


  • Heading - add a heading to the section
  • Heading text alignment - choose alignment of text for heading
  • Text position - choose between text being displayed over the image or underneath the image

Collection blocks

  • Collection - choose the collection
  • Overlay text color - if text is over image, choose the color
  • Show link to collection - show a link to the collection
  • Link text - the text used for the link

Show products from a collection on your home page.


  • Heading - override the Collection’s title; if left blank, will show Collection’s title
  • Collection - choose the collection show products from
  • Number of products - select number of products to show
  • Subheading - add a subheading to display under heading
  • Enable horizontal scrolling on mobile - on mobile, display products in a scrollable slideshow or have them wrap into a grid-like display
  • Show link to collection - show a link to the collection


To hide the collection’s title, leave both the Heading and Subheading fields blank and uncheck the “Show link to collection” checkbox.

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